At Least I Have Character


The origin of my sad drawings was actually accidental:

While I was doodling one day, I drew a picture of Frankenstein’s monster.  Usually while doodling, I draw over-dramatic smiles on my characters’ faces, but it seemed unusual to put such a happy smile on a such an individual (I mean, he is a monster). Yet, when I gave him a frown, it made the monster seem too sad for such a simple doodle.  In an effort to lighten up the mood, I decided to have him say something positive.  In general, the Monster is a bit of an enigma to me.  I mean, he has neck bolts to conduct electricity to give him “life,” a scar from the brain transplant, I assume he’s greenish because of some sort of decay, but I ultimately have no explanation for the flat head.  Oh well, at least he has character.

The problem with using “Frankenstein” as a subject matter is that people are very opinionated about him.  Every time I show this piece, people love telling me I’m wrong about his name.  These are the three most common replies I get in response to using the character’s various names:

  • Frankenstein:  “Frankenstein is actually the name of his creator, not the monster.  Have you only seen the movie?”
  • Frankenstein’s Monster: “Uh, if you read Mary Shelley’s book you’d know that ‘Monster’ is not an acceptable name.  After all, in the book he was a vegetarian.  His actual name is ‘Adam,’ as confirmed by Mary Shelley.  Have you only seen the movie?”
  • Adam: “Who?  Don’t you mean Frankenstein?  Did you read the book or something?”

One person also decided they hated me after I referred to Frankenstein as a zombie, or at least a type of zombie.  I feel like zombies are reanimated dead so it makes sense to me.  This guy I met, however, did not agree with me, but then again neither does the Zombie Research Society.



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