What Would Captain Planet Do?

owlSmlGlobal warming is a serious problem wether people want to believe it or not.  But that’s not what I want to talk about today.  I want to talk about a conversation I had the other week in which someone told me that he thought certain countries are in favor of global warming and that these countries are specifically letting their pollution get out of control, perhaps, in hopes of their cold land masses will get warmer.  To be fair, he mostly mentioned Canada and Alaska as being big polluters for the size of their population.  They are, and they would benefit from a massive warmth across the globe.  Both these places are great… if only they weren’t so cold all the time.  While researching this strange idea I found out that Russia is the third worst polluter in the world (fourth according to some sources), even though it has a significantly lower population than the bigger polluters.  Perhaps Russia didn’t win the Cold War, but it might still have a chance to win the Warm War.


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