Ending Bad


Breaking Bad ends this Sunday, and I, along with plenty of “Baddicts”, plan to watch it live as it airs.  If TV history has taught me anything (and trust me it has) I don’t expect many people to be satisfied with the ending.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe the ending of the show should be great, but anytime a big drama series ends, there tends to be some sort of disappointment from most of its viewers.  People often get over invested in there television programs and go to great lengths to either protect the show or at least their feelings of it.  Maybe people aren’t actually mad about the endings, but they are actually just mad that their show is over and thus they can never feel truly happy with the shows ending.  Maybe if we acknowledge this fact, perhaps it will free us all from our hatred for show finales.  Let us remember that there will always be more shows for us and that we should embrace our shows’ finales.  After all there is a Saul Goodman spin-off prequel in the works.  But most importantly maybe we can revaluate the ending to Lost and realize how much we actually liked it.

Then again, maybe I’m wrong.


One thought on “Ending Bad

  1. It makes sense that we hate the show for leaving us. Who wants to feel abandoned?

    But its better for it to bow out on a high note. It may be traumatizing, but there’s no doubt the show will end with a BANG.

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