Video Games Killed the Radio Star


When I was in the sixth grade, I had a friend named Jeff.  He was allergic to just about everything and his favorite store was RadioShack (I think they call it “The Shack” these days, I’m not sure if the company thought it would make them cooler to have a nickname or if the realized that people don’t own radios anymore unless they’re in their cars).  Anyways, Jeff loved LEDs, Diodes, circuit boards, and other electronic gizmos I know very little about.  One weekend he built a radio transmitter, and me and my friends (myself, Jeff, and Aaron) had our own radio station.  We could say whatever we wanted (nothing important since we were twelve) and we could play whatever we wanted (as long as it was on one of our four cassettes we owned).  I still remember the first song we played, “I Swear” by Boyz II Men.  I wish I could say it something cool like Led Zeppelin or Iggy Pop, but unfortunately we were twelve, we had nothing to say and only four cassettes, and unfortunately that song now has a weird nostalgic place in my heart.


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