BoJack Ice Cream


July 17th I got the gift I had been waiting nearly a year for, more BoJack Horseman episodes.  In some ways I like the “every episode all at once” style of Netflix, but the problem is while the show is delicious ice cream, eating a ton of ice cream in one day has negative side effects. I burn through them so quickly that the wait for the next season feels even longer to me.  I know I watched every episode of season one all in a single day, and it made the wait for season two feel longer.  I know I shouldn’t complain, what’s stopping me from simply waiting week to week before watching a new episode.  Perhaps I need to learn self control, like I do with ice cream.  I mean, not this season, I’m already five episodes in, but maybe next season.

side note: Am I the only one who thinks BoJack’s nose looks like an upside down ice cream cone or am I just obsessed with ice cream.


3 thoughts on “BoJack Ice Cream

  1. I just started watching BoJack on Netflix the other day. I don’t know how sold I am on it yet, but I’ll give it a go.
    I wish I could binge on a season in one day! I can usually only watch one or two episodes of a show before I have to tune into something else. Especially with a comedy, but kudos to you.
    So did you end up watching the second season in one day?

    • I think BoJack Horseman isn’t for everyone and it takes a few episodes for some people to like it. I’m just addicted to television in general. I recommend trying to get through the entire first season before completely making up your mind on how you feel. I finished all of the episodes on Sunday, so I wasn’t a complete Bender for me, but I do feel a bit empty now.

      Edit: I will mention there is a specific reason I chose BoJack to be saying “People should like me more” because for some reason, not everyone is as big of a fan as I am. Hopefully people will turn around like people did with Bob’s Burgers

      • Ok I will watch the first season… just not all at once. haha. I must admit that the shows you don’t immediately “get” straight away sometimes are the ones you fall in love with and you just look at everyone else and are like “How can you not like this show?” haha.
        Don’t hate me, but I couldn’t get into Bob’s Burgers either. I guess we all can’t like everything, right?

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