A Lesson In Scribbles


The most difficult thing about being an artist is you meet many other artists.  And you tend to feel like they are better than you.  As a kid, I was the best artist in class. Nobody was better than me.  That was until I got in the 2nd grade and I had class with Jeff and Jason, two twins who I immediately felt were better than me.  Ever since then I have only been surrounded by better and better artists.  One of the only times I’ve had relief from this was when a co-worker of mine, Homer, gave me a compliment after I showed frustration over my drawing of Galactus I was doing.  He told me at least I had style, something he wished he had.  So when ever I feel frustrated about my art I think, at least I have style.

…Although I’m pretty sure it just looks like scribbles.


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