Deflategate: Cheaters Never Prosper, Except in the NFL


If you haven’t heard about deflategate or “Ballgazhi” let me quickly break it down.  There appears to be an investigation going on after Sunday night’s AFC Championship game.  There is a possibility that the football the Patriots used in the game may have purposely deflated, making it the ball easier to throw and catch, especially in the rain.

Tom Brady has called the claims of the deflated balls ridiculous, but I don’t think so.  After spygate in 2007,the season in which the Patriots were caught videotaping the Jets’ defensive signals (aka cheating), I don’t think the Patriots have any right to get defensive about anyone questioning their honor.  Once you’ve cheated on a large scale, your punishment is that people will continue to think you’re a cheater.  I believe after spygate Bill Belichick, who was fined the maximum amount allowed, should not have been allowed to keep his job.  He should’ve been fired or at least the team should’ve been forced to change their name to the New England Pumpkin Eaters.

Let’s say the balls were deflated, but the Patriots didn’t intentionally do it.  Maybe there was a mix up, they had a weighing issue, or maybe Lane Kiffen did it to frame Bill.  In a way you’re still cheating.  If Tom Brady, or any other player, noticed at any point during the game that the ball felt weird in a way you’re cheating.  If in a board game, someone deals me an extra $20 it becomes my responsibility to mention it, not the person who dealt the cards.

In 2014 there was a championship for the board game Ticket to Ride.  The winner, Erwin Pauelsen, was stripped from his titled when he was caught cheating by online spectators of the game taking extra turns.  At first Pauelsen seemed to be confused by the situation saying he was tired and accidentally made a mistake in the game.  And so on one hand are we supposed to jump down the throat of someone who made a mistake in a game? Even I have made a mistake in a game.  But the fact of the matter is this was a tournament, and he turn several extra turns, at a certain point people will stop believing you.  Maybe the Patriots didn’t cheat, but once you’ve been caught and excused several other times it becomes hard to ignore.  Some people will continue to deny that the Patriots ever cheated in the first place.  Some people just love their heroes too much to hear about how they are not as squeaky clean as they once thought. #Bill Cosby


Putin On Your Game Face


The New England Patriots are one of those teams like the Yankees that people either love unconditionally or hate with the firey passion of a thousand suns.  I fall into the latter category and I must admit that I’m enjoying seeing The Patriot’s destruction.

When the team signed Terrible Flash-in-the-Pan Tim Tebow, I knew the downward spiral had begun.  Aaron Hernandez’s “supposed” actions and arrest only drove the team further downward and when you add to the mix the long list of key injured and traded players, The Patriots are going to be in trouble next season.

Following the above slew of problems, Patriot’s news got straight up weird when the team’s owner, Robert Kraft, recently reported that his Superbowl ring was stolen by Vladimir Putin (this is merely more proof that Putin does whatever he wants).

So what are we supposed to take away from this?  Let’s review:  The poor Patriots have to suffer through Tebow; loosing a murdering star player; loosing a whole slew of other players due to injury; and while the team is dealing with all of these setbacks, the President of Russia has stolen their precious ring.  Ultimately though, I can’t really feel too sorry for this team.  I mean, the ring was stolen back in 2005, so why bring the public’s attention to the incident now?  Is the team trolling for sympathy?  Let’s also keep in mind that The Patriots knew Aaron Hernandez was a bad seed the day they signed him, so the team obviously doesn’t seem to care about suiting up sketchy players with troubled pasts.  That said, should they really be so shocked by Hernandez’s actions?  Hell, they signed Aqib Talib last year.

Alright, so after all of this, a question remains, is the dynasty falling?  The Patriots dominated the NFL for about two decades and I feel that their downfall would cause many to rejoice.  Basically, unless it’s your team, sports fans intrinsically hate victorious dynasties.  But is this the end?   If it is, will NFL fans begin to love the new downtrodden underdog Patriots?  Then again, perhaps I’m being too hasty in throwing in The Patriot’s towel, I mean, what if Belichick can save them?  After all, rumors are running rampant about the possibility of Bill moving Tebow to tight end, which begs the question, did Belichick know something we didn’t…?

Maybe it doesn’t matter whether the dynasty has fallen, or it’s being revamped, or if Bill Belicheck is psychic.  Perhaps we’re just supposed to just laugh at the fact that Vladimir Putin has more Superbowl rings than Dan Marino.