It Doesn’t Matter if You’re Black & White


Here’s a weird gripe of mine.  It’s a little weird when people tell me they don’t want to watch a specific movie because it’s too old.  I understand if not everyone wants to watch a black and white silent picture like Nosferatu or Metropolis, but now I encounter people who wont even see movies from the 70’s.  In fact, when I worked at Blockbuster (a scene in which I assumed movie lovers would work) my co-workers made fun of me for watching a movie from 1998 in the store, they claimed that that was too old for a movie.  Typically in these scenarios I point out Disney movies that they liked as a kid.  Most people forget that their precious movies like Bambi came out in 1942.

But there’s a flip side.  People complain about new movies.  I worked on five different movies as a stereo-compositor.  I would tell people that my job was converting movies into 3D.  Gross, 3D sucks, it’s just a gimmick, were among the comments I’d hear.  This isn’t a new concept, luddites have always been around, even in film.  There were people thought color and sound were horrible when they first came out, even film was viewed as nothing more than a carnival gag.

What’s my point? Maybe we should be less critical of technology and just enjoy film and the stories it tells, or maybe I’m just trying to distract you from the fact that I didn’t post anything in November or December. Who knows?