I like making lists.  I’m referring mostly to “best of” lists, but I think I even am starting to coming around to making “to-do” lists (In fact, making this cartoon was on my to-do list today… talk about meta).  I have recently joined the social media app co-created by B.J. Novak in which you… well make lists.  You make them, you share them.  Finally all those weird lists I make, like “Best Pranks from The Office” finally have a voice.  I wonder how popular this app will get.  On one hand, why would I care what stranger Jeremy in Kansas’s favorite topping are? (Do I even care what my friend Jeremy in NY’s favorite pizza topppings are? hmm… maybe.) On the other hand, people already like Buzzfeed and sometimes I look for best songs by “x” lists whenever I discover a new band and wonder what people like. (Note by “x” I just meant insert band name here, it was not a misspelling of dream pop band The xx, whose best song is “Basic Space“)

What’s interesting about is that it is a creative social media in which people can be earnest about their feeling and create thought provoking ideas.  People can create lists that help people find new art, movies, or games.  But also people will use it to share things that are racist, sexist, or just plain uninteresting and pointless.  Let’s hope that the former is the one that wins out in the end.