Zombie Hipster

zombiehipstersI’m not sure what I’m more tired of: zombies or hipster jokes.  Slap one of these two themes on anything and you have people lining up and taking an interest in your lame product (this cartoon included).  To be fair, I think hipsters would thrive in the zombie apocalypse.  Many of them would enjoy the low tech life style and take pleasure in having to grow their own food during the apocalypse.  However many will parish early on because of their ability to run away from the undead due to their lifestyle of smoking American Spirits and the simple fact that Tom’s aren’t the most ideal running shoe.

“Oh look honey, this abandoned barn has great yelp reviews. Let’s hide here!”

Clifton Moore, Child Artist


Hello Everyone,

Let me introduce you to Clifton Moore, Child Artist.  Sure Clifton can get frustrated from time to time, but doesn’t he look cute in his little bow tie and Tom’s?  In this comic Clifton struggles with working on what he considers to be a cliche assignment.  To be fair, who doesn’t remember doing this assignment as kids only to have every group come up with nearly identical posters?